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Memento: A Coastal Recipe Treasure
A charming keepsake and work of art, with original recipes from Canada's Salish Sea. $22.00
Soft Cover:

“… a serendipitous find…”
– Avid Magazine 

“… evocative paintings and recipes in this lovely book…”
-David Wood (Chef)

“a commemoration of the coastal landscape…”
– Driftwood Newspaper 

invariably impressed…”
– Island Locavore

Walking Calendar 2022

Join me on a walk through the Camino. $22.00

You write beautifully.
A precious compilation of your contemplations…”
“Photos as competent as your drawings…”

“It is the most beautiful thing, the playfulness of it, the lightness of it. Simply stunning… can I order one?”
– Picnic Calendar 2017

Owen’s Grandmother
The exciting tale of a grandmother’s search for her grandson. What black box? Can Owen save his grandmother? The drama! $6.99  Kindle Edition
Soft Cover:

A story that makes you want to share a hug.”
-Andrea Spalding, author

This charming little book is beautifully illustrated.
– Carol Eyles, former owner Jumping Mouse Books

I love this book because: 1) it is very Canadian; 2) it is beautifully illustrated; 3) the use of colour and contrasting black and white is very effective; 4) it has a joyful, loving sentiment; and) because of the simplicity, complexity and creativity of the story.”

“I’ve got goose bumps. It’s beautiful.”

“… a universal story…”
Margriet Ruurs, author, REVIEW

Days To Remember

Yearly calendar for recording birthdays,
anniversaries and other remembrances. $10.00

Calendar Reviews

March made me weep. You need to know I use your calendars every day and have kept every one of them.
– This Majestic Country Calendar

“The quotes and illustrations are gorgeous and so endearing.”
– The Picnic Calendar


“Get Thee To A Nunnery.” In Emerge 20: The Writer’s Studio Anthology, forward by Betsy Warland: SFU, 2020.

Intrepid pilgrim, Maryanna Gabriel, visits a convent on the Camino in Spain, and after tasting the soup decides the nunnery is not for her.

Lovely…I had such a real feeling of you, and your experience… great flow…
“You write so naturally and well.”
“You tell a compelling story and the drama of life’s details, in a highly original and engaging manner.”


“… you have a discerning eye for art, a fabulous eye for design, setup and presentation.”

“… fabulous presentation – we love the theme, pics, colour coordination.”

“You designed and produced the absolutely stunning feature sheets that, over the past year and a half have enticed prospective buyers. Very well done! Please take your share of credit…”

“We loved it… it is the most beautiful thing we have seen in a long time.”

“Your drawings are incredible.”