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Paintings  ::  Pencil  ::  Mixed Media




Oil On Canvas
30" x 50"

"Abundance ll"
Oil On Canvas
4' x 2'


"Prince Edward Island And I"
18" x 14"

"The Summer I Lived In My Garden"
14" x 11"


14" x 8

Oil On Canvas
10" x 20"


"Out Of The Night Which Was Fifty Below"
Oil On Canvas
10" x 20"


Oil On Canvas
10" x 14"


"Mount Baker"
Oil On Paper
14" x 20"



"Short Beach"
Acrylic On Paper
20" x 26"


"Sunflowers For Jennie"
Oil on Canvas
5" x 7"


"Response To The Double Game"
Acrylic on Paper
"15 x 18"


"Firebird Suite"
Acrylic on Canvas
24' x 36"


"Wind Tracker"
Oil on Canvas
24" x 36"


Maryanna Gabriel Magic Cottage Creations Copyright. All rights reserved.