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Owen's Grandmother And The Little Black Box
For 6 months to 3 years old
Written and illustrated by Maryanna Gabriel

I wanted to write a book about the way we communicate now as opposed to years ago 
hence I was inspired by the storyline as a result of  'face timing' with my children and grandchildren.
 Maryanna Gabriel


Owen's grandmother was so tired of talking to her grandson through the little black box
. Something had to give but what? When will this all end and can Owen really help his grandmother? Sample

48 pages; 8 " x  5"; soft cover; perfect bound.

$15.00  Tax & shipping extra.
ISBN 978-0-9865116-2-2.
Published by Magic Cottage Creations.

Also available digitally!
Read on the go to your children and grandchildren...

   Kindle,   iBooks,   iPad.  


"This charming little book is beautifully illustrated and loving tribute from a grandma to her grandson who lives far away."
Carole Eyles

Former owner of "Jumping Mouse Books" & Children's Librarian

"A poignant story about love,
and the longing to hold a distant grandchild.
A story that makes you want to share a hug."  

Andrea Spalding
Author of over 30 books and
 Canadian Children's Book Center Our Choice

"... a universal story... of many grandparents
and grandchildren who are separated by distance...

Margaret Ruurs
Author of over 30 books

"I love this book because: 1) it is very Canadian; 2) it is beautifully illustrated;
3) the use of colour and contrasting black and white is very effective; 4) it has a joyful, loving sentiment; and
5) because of the simplicity, complexity and creativity of the story.
"... a lot of love and care into it... the presentation and illustrations are its strengths."
"Owen's Grandmother And The Little Black Box is currently a coffee table book.
It seems a shame to hide it on the book shelf.
"Such a precious book. It's glorious. I love it. It is so sweet."
"I've got goose bumps. It's beautiful."
"Such a heart warming story and the illustrations are beautiful..."
"I like the grandmother. Very hip."
"It's so cute. Just adorable!"
"You are so talented.... your drawings are incredible."
"...very sweet and tender..."
"Your book is absolutely delightful. The story is so special and the illustrations are precious. I really like how you made the black box the real size. Not only will it be fun story for children but I know adults will enjoy it while they read it to the young ones...
perfect to tuck into a purse just in case the batteries go in a ereader."

"His mother sang a lullaby and put Owen to bed."


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