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"...invariably impressed with the results"
Elizabeth Nolan ~ Island Locavore Guide

 "... a serendipitous find... Memento... is a small but beautifully produced cookbook.... stuffed with simple goodies that can be locally grown or foraged... made my mouth water... makes a delightful hostess gift with an island twist."
Andrea Spalding ~ Avid Magazine

"From the warm glow of a wood fire on a wet night, to the early morning light on an ocean beach,
the evocative paintings and recipes in this lovely book capture the daily possibilities for pleasure in the seasons
and local food of the West Coast"
David Wood ~ Salt Spring Cheese

Memento cookbook offers up luxurious treats, simple pleasures...The book of vegetarian and seafood recipes was seven years in the making; it should now enjoy a regular spot on local shelves. A lovely souvenir of island life indeed, Memento is available at local book stores.
Elizabeth Nolan ~ The Driftwood



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